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Hi, I'm Emma, 20 years old, Sagittarius, weirdo, lunatic, I live in a permanent bubble of shipping madness and I have a dog named Iris. I study Languages and Cultures for Publishing in Verona (Italy), if only my desperate love for procrastination didn't fight me on this one on a daily basis. TEEN WOLF (mostly STYDIA) and my future husband, Dylan O'Brien (we're perfect for each other, don't argue) are a current massive obsession of mine, together with BELLARKE and the 100, and if you can't stand TVD, Delena, Elena stans, Damon stans or Tyler stans then get out of here. I'm a born-again Marshmallow, Clone Club is my sistehood and books are better than oxygen. I love COMMUNITY, SHERLOCK, NEW GIRL, VEEP, SHAMELESS, and HOMELAND; I don't really think that I'll ever be able to stop missing FRINGE, THE OFFICE or BREAKING BAD, if I could I'd live under water, and music is the soundtrack of my life (current favs are TWENTY-ONE PILOTS, ALT-J, BASTILLE, MSMR, GABRIELLE APLIN, IMAGINE DRAGONS and OF MONSTERS AND MEN). I want to travel the world before I am 30 and I am currently on a quest to find answers about my future. Being prettier wouldn't bother me. This blog is my inner self and if you like it I'll feel less lonely. <3

me:*wakes up from coma*
me:has stydia happened yet?
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Stydia →


I am not even worried anymore. Stalia kiss in a promo? Didn’t even bother me. I don’t ship it. I never will ship it. And Stydia was together this entire episode. Fighting for each other. Suffering along side each other. Helping each other. Being tethers. Screaming for each other.

Anybody who…

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"Dylan and I have an inside joke: we frequently, during blocking, consider that there is an alternate version of Teen Wolf that is a straight up comedy…" ~ Holland Roden

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Not to look too much into things, but Stiles and Lydia were tied up by that stuff they use in Eichen House to tie up the patients, and until this episode, the only person who managed to yank free of them was Scott…and now Stiles.

Basically Stiles Stilinski gets almost superhuman strength when Lydia Martin is in danger.

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